Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Apostols of the Apocalypse

                  The year is 2043. The world had a megapocalypse that was born from the nuclear
              armageddon shoved up it's ass. The planet is almost dead and it's infested with zombies,               mutants and selfish assholes, which is not really different from now. But even in this shihole               there is a squad of bad ass veterans from World War V that are willing to drink and save the               world and they are called - APOSTOLS OF THE APOCALYPSE!

                   They say he is the flaming heart of the company made out of bastards. 
                Step with the wrong foot and with words he will transform you into a pile of flaming shit.
                Be carefull if you test your might with him in an arm wrestle, because he might tear your                 meniscus. Or maybe other parts of your body that have nothing to do with the arm.
                Main role in the gang: Support.
                Arch enemy: Kara dere.
                Favourite fraze: Еби са в гъза. ( Fuck your arse. )
                                                   Stay tuned for episode 3!