Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Apostols of the Apocalypse

The year is 2043. The world had a megapocalypse that was born from the nuclear
armageddon shoved up it's ass. The planet is almost dead and it's infested with zombies, mutants and selfish assholes, which is not really different from now. But even in this shihole there is a squad of bad ass veterans from World War V that are willing to drink and save the world and they are called - APOSTOLS OF THE APOCALYPSE!


 Likes Pantera.
 Once he was stopped in the Dobrich desert by mutant raiders who wanted to rob and kill him. He gave so little fucks their heads exploded. And the village of little kids that lived in the area made him president.
 Once he was a great and respected player of Dota 2.
Arch enemy - boilers.

Stay tuned for episode 2!